Our Mission...
Our Mission is to provide children a resource, in which to learn all about the beautiful outdoors.  By bringing Nature Adventures to homes, classrooms and events, we are giving children a unique opportunity to learn about nature in a way that's family-friendly and most of all..... FUN!Our ultimate goal is getting kids excited to go outside and explore by educating them about our beautiful world, it's magnificent history, and its amazing inhabitants.

I learned from the sun
That light has to be spread,
The breeze taught me
How to be cool all the time
The trees inspired me to be colossal in giving
As I discovered serenity from water
And the vacuum made me understand
How to live with nothing around
The earth taught me how to nurture
The very people who trampled it
Fire made me realize the importance
Of being pure and yet involving
I learnt from space the virtue of
Being BIG and yet unassuming
For nature had all virtues a man needs to learn
In all its elements.

Written by:

Mahesh Jambunathan