~"Dreams come true; without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them."~

Todd Magnuson is a full time producer and editor. He has a 24 year old son. Todd grew up on a ranch in Harding County, South Dakota. Being an only child, he was forced to find ways to entertain himself, which is how he developed a passion and love for animals at an early age. His love of animals followed him through adulthood. He has had many exotic pets, including a 6 foot Cayman, alligator snapping turtle, rattlesnakes, bullsnakes, and iguanas, alongside many other more "domestic" animals.

Todd spent several years working for Citibank. When his job was cut, he decided there would never be a better chance to try to restructure his career path and do something he always dreamed of. So he recorded some videos with intent to just upload to the internet. Much to his surprise, they were picked up by a local TV station and developed in to a weekly comedy show, which aired on FOX and the local NBC affiliate for 7 years, hence the forming of his company, Caribou Productions. Todd has since produced hundreds of local TV commercials that have aired all over the US, as well as several films, and co-produced the hit show, Out N About with Terri N Todd, alongside Lawrenz. Todd has a tremendous love for children as well. During his early years of video production, he also ran an in-home day care center for 5 years.


Currently, he is a full time TV host and producer, yet he still feels that love for children and animals. He always had a vision that one day he would have a nature show on SDPB. Unsure of how to pursue his dreams, one day his career path unexpectedly led him to what would eventually become to key factor in achieving his dreams...an actress that would make the perfect co-host and give the show just the magic touch that it needed, to set it aside from the other thousands of submissions they receives in a year.

Todd met an actress named Terri Lawrenz on the set of a local commercial filming in 2005. He was impressed with her personality and her chemistry with others on the set so he asked her to be part of his show on NBC. Soon after working with her, they began talking about doing a documentary. She was excited to be part of it, but a little reluctant to touch reptiles. Todd felt that could be just the right twist that was needed to set his show out from the rest. So she agreed. During the summer of 2007, they traveled South Dakota filming the pilot episode of what was to be called "South Dakota Wildlife Adventures". In the fall of 2007, the pilot episode was completed and sent to South Dakota Public Broadcasting. Almost immediately, they received a response. Nervously, Todd and Terri put on their best business attire and trekked to Vermillion, South Dakota. Together with a dedicated team at South Dakota Public Broadcasting, they have not only created a great series, but also an entire package, made complete by online learning, as well as  personal appearances and stage shows. After discussing things further, they agreed to widen the perspective of the show from simply "wildlife", to all of "nature", therefore changing the name to "Nature Adventures".
Most stories end with the phrase 'the end' however this was does not. It is only the beginning.

Terri Lawrenz is a full time actress and model from rural Minnesota. She has 4 children, ranging in age from 10 to 24, a 3 year old granddaughter and another grandchild on the way. She was raised on a dairy/crop farm, with animals of all sorts around her to care for, instilling her love for animals and virtually eliminating any future chance of being afraid of a little hard work. Before her career in modeling and acting found her, she was a in-home child care provider for 9 years...and perfectly happy with that. As her children were getting older, she realized she needed to find a job that offered her more flexibility so she could attend her kids' sporting events and school functions. In the local paper, she noticed an ad for a health and beauty product promoter. She called it. It ended up being a talent agency. The rest is history. In the 10 years she has been modeling and acting, she has developed a diverse, lengthy list of credits, ranging from an appearance on The Apprentice, to print ads for Apple Computers, to local commercials across the country,  to national infomercials, to live modeling on stage in front of tens of thousands. She discovered that deep inside, she was a born performer. She has shared the stage with many celebrities....Michael Corbett (NBC''s Extra), Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, and Donald Trump... to name a few. 

Terri has been on TV sets and newspapers from literally coast to coast. And in the past 8 years not a week has passed by that her face has not graced TV sets in at least one part of the country. She has been told many times by people that have worked with her, that there is something about her that is just "magnetic".....genuine. Terri would just shrug her shoulders and credit her upbringing, love and appreciation of life and small town personality as the key to her success.

Together Magnuson and Lawrenz have combined their greatest loves....children, animals and television production....to entertain, engage, enlighten and educate people whom they meet and that tune in to watch them each week. And they are living their dream doing it. When people come to them for advice and to inquire how they have accomplished all they have, the response is simple...'We didn't give up'.

Seven years later, the pair alone has accomplished so much. Nature Adventures, which started in South Dakota, since expanded nationwide on several networks and is available for distribution worldwide.  Their success can be measured in their Neilson's Ratings, and through their Emmy nomination but more importantly, through their smiles and the smiles they bring to the lives they touch.

On stage and in front of the camera, it is obvious they are doing what they were put on this earth to do.

Ashley Lawrenz
Guest Star

Ashley has been an occasional guest star for on Nature Adventures for three years.
She began her acting career when she was 2 years old.
In her spare time she enjoys gymnastics and jazz dance.
She has a deep passion for animals and the outdoors.
Her future is as bright as her blue eyes!
When she grows up, she wants to continue her TV career and have her own show..

Jeff Canfield
Line Producer

is a South Dakota Native. He has been with Nature Adventures from the beginning. After moving to California and a year off, he is excited to be back on the team!

Jeff oversees all aspects of the production, from fundraising to keeping Terri and Todd motivated and 'in line'!

Jeff has a lengthy background in both television and radio, and has many stories to tell of his years in the media business.

Jeff loves to spend time with his family, has a great sense of humor, brings energy to the team and can put a smile to anyone's face!