The Wild Side Of Cozumel
About This Episode.....
The time we spent in Mexico created some of our favorite life memories.
If you can imagine a tropical paradise in your mind, it isn't as perfect as what we experienced first-hand during our visit to Cozumel. A picture can tell a story and capture a memory but it can't capture an experience.

Cozumel, Mexico is the most amazing place we've ever explored. Everywhere we turned, we were experiencing something exciting and new. To top that off, we felt safe, appreciated and we made so many good friends during our visit. It was hard to leave, but we know we will be back to see our friends again one day.

-Terri and Todd

Special thanks to:
Gildardo Vazquez Catzin, Fishing Guide
Cozumel Tourism Board
Jorge Cortes and Saul Silva, kayak guides
Cozumel Country Club