Conservation Angels
About this episode...

This episode is a compilation of places we went that have a common bond....they are homes to important conservation teams who work hard to conserve our resources.

There are conservation angels all over the world, many who's work goes unrecognized. We wanted to dedicate an episode to those who work hard each day, sometimes for little or no monetary rewards, in the name of conservation.

Our trip to Mexico was eye opening. It was much different than other regions of Mexico we had visited. Parts we traveled through were impoverished, however the people were friendly, welcoming and happy. It showed us that money and material things don't provide happiness. At times, their lives seemed simple, less complicated, more contented, and I found myself envious.

Seeing the Delta lands was fascinating. The land seems so void of any type of life. It was not what I had imagined at all. But it was an amazing place and we were blessed to have the experience of being there. We appreciate the team from Pronatura so much for sharing their story with us, and for hosting our efforts to share their conservation story.

Also, in this episode, we took the advice of a viewer and went to the Black Hills to visit the Spirit of the Hills Sanctuary. It was an amazing place, and equally as eye opening as the works that Pronatura does. Whether working to conserve land or wildlife, it takes commitment, hard work, and a big heart!

We hope that watching this episode inspires each and every one of you to learn more about how you can conserve, preserve, or perhaps donate your time or resources to an organization in need.

-Terri and Todd

Special thanks to Pronatura and Spirit of the Hills Sanctuary!