About this episode....

This episode takes us back to visit our good friends at Reptile Gardens in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Herpetologist Terry Phillip is one guy we've worked with that seems to really understand our quirkiness!

Terri grew up afraid of reptiles. In our live shows, we help others overcome their fears, through education. Reptile Gardens has a similar mission, so we decided to bond together to educate people, hoping to rid the world of some of the herpetophobia that exists.

We had a great time with Terry. This episode was filmed in a couple of hours. Nothing was staged or rehearsed. (like usual) There is no predicting what might happen when the camera starts rolling on the three of us!

The fun we had was certainly evident in this episode and it's nice to know we aren't the only crazy 'snake people' out there!

-Terri and Todd

Thanks to Reptile Gardens for letting us come back and for their continued support each year!

Thanks to Terry Phillip for not insisting to be put on the payroll, rather he devotes his time in the name of education! (And fun!)