Wildlife Encounters in South Florida
About this episode....

South Florida is wildlife CRAZY! Everywhere you look, something is moving. It's heaven on earth for wildlife lovers and photographers.

Our trip to Florida was perfect. Back home in South Dakota, the weather was bitterly cold and we surely needed an escape to somwhere warm. When all else fails, go to Florida! Travel prices are reasonable and it seldom disappoints weather-wise.
Best of all, you will find plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities...you won't even have to look hard. Sometimes you can't avoid these wildlife encounters!

During this trip we saw more American Crocs than any other visit to Florida we'd made previously. We will take that as a good sign...that either the populations are increasing, or we getting better at spotting them, or finding the hot spots!

We hope you enjoy our visit to Florida through our eyes and our lenses as much as we did!

-Terri and Todd