A Vacation on Madeline Island
About this episode....

Our trip to Madeline Island evolved from a request of a viewer who is an avid sailor, who frequently sails Lake Superior in the Bayfield area. He often joked that he wanted to take us sailing, so we took him up on it!

We did little preparing for our journey and instead left our friend to take the lead in setting things up.

Todd and Russell set out from South Dakota, picking up Ashley and Terri in Minnesota as they passed through. Soon after picking them up, Todd got pulled over. No ticket thankfully, but he now knows that Minnesota cops mean business, and using the phrase 'I'm from South Dakota so I don't know your traffic laws' sometimes works.

The rest of the trip there went smoothly. Our friend greeted us in Bayfield and helped us get on the ferry to set sail to the island. When we arrived and checked in at The Inn On Madeline Island, we were blown away! It offered the finest accommodations we'd ever seen! A wall opened in the bathroom to expose a whirlpool tub. French glass doors offered a view of the lake and dock access. It was hard to leave the room! The room in itself was an adventure.

The next day Greg picked us up, we set sail and spent the day exploring.

Ashley wasn't sure what to think of sailing.It was her first time. The feeling that you're tipping can be overwhelming to someone who's never sailed. It didn't take long for her to become a seasoned sailor

Back on the island,we enjoyed visiting with the local folks. It was nice to be able to take our car to the island via the Madeline Island Ferry, so we could explore the island on our own. We covered most of the island and didn't get lost!

Our next trip there will be in the winter to experience the sea caves and experience what it's like to live on an island in the middle of winter! We hear it's spectacular.

-Terri and Todd

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The Inn on Madeline Island
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