Exploring The Sonoran Desert: Yuma
About this episode....

We flew in to San Diego from Sioux Falls and drove to Yuma, Arizona. Our flight was delayed leaving Sioux Falls, and we missed our connecting flight, so we were delayed 10 hours in the Denver airport. We arrived in San Diego late and we arrived at the Car Rental Desk and were told they were sold out, despite the fact that we had made a reservation several weeks prior. The trip started out poorly. However, we didn't let it damped our spirits. We arrived in Yuma around midnight after a long, hard day of travel.

What we were about to experience made the misfortune soon fade in to the dust. The Yuma area is beautiful and quite easy to get around. It's surrounded by desert and plenty of places to explore. Each refuge we explored was unique in it's own way. It was way more beautiful than we could have imagined, with the mountains surrounding the desert and the Colorado River meandering through on it's way to the delta at the Gulf of California.

The time we spent in Yuma thankfully went off without a hitch and our accommodations at the Best Western Coronado were amazing! We stepped out of our comfort zones and experimented with several varieties of ethnic foods. Although it was unlike us, it was fun and interesting! (we are usually the boring meat and potatoes, or pizza and burgers type of eaters!) We had authentic Mexican, German and Italian dishes, and the authentic ethnic experiences surely opened our minds!

Luckily, the trip back to South Dakota went much smoother than the journey there. We would go back in a heartbeat...however we would probably avoid a layover in Denver next time! ;)

-Terri and Todd

Special thanks to:
Yuma Tourism
Yuma Area National Wildlife Refuges
Yuma River Crossing Project
Best Western Coronado, Yuma