Marine Mammals of the West Coast

About this episode...

This was one of the favorite filming adventures we have been on. We visited La Jolla, California, a suburb of San Diego. We had done some research and found that Sea Lions and Seals are pretty much a guaranteed sight in the area.

Upon researching further, we realized that the timing of our trip put us in the area at the beginning of the Grey Whale Migration.  We took the gamble that we would be lucky enough to get in on the action! We contacted San Diego Whale Watch and they agreed to host us on an excursion. Boy, did we luck out! We were lucky enough to catch the first Grey Whales of the Migration Season. Afterwards, the local San Diego ABC affiliate interviewed Terri and we let them use some of the footage on the news.

We stayed at a beautiful hotel with an unbelievable view, right across from La Jolla Cove and we could hear the sea lions barking when we arrived late at night in the dark. We could hardly wait until morning so we could go find them. Turns out, they were right out our window, across the street! As an added bonus, down the street was a place where seals hang out, and as luck had it, two elephant seals were on a stopover and we were able to get up close to see the elephant seals, too!

We only spent 2 days in La Jolla, and we weren't ready to leave. We fell in love with the place! It's definitely on our bucket list to return one day to explore more.

We hope you enjoy our La Jolla adventure as much as we did!

-Terri and Todd

Special thanks to Chris and the crew at San Diego Whale Watch!