Terri and Todd visit some of their favorite destinations in Eastern South Dakota to feature the diverse landscapes,  the history and the wildlife that calls the area ‘home’.

A Note From Terri and Todd...
We filmed this episode over the course of two days! It was fun to visit places close to home,
some of which we are ashamed to say, we've never been to!
Our first three seasons were filmed primarily in South Dakota. This state is very diverse
and has much to offer. When something is out your back door, it's easy to take it for granted,
so filming here gave us an opportunity to take the time to appreciate it.

The turtle Todd caught really did scratch him badly, and no special effects were used.
As you can see, Todd put a lot of thought into his plan to catch the turtle.
(he always sticks out his tongue when he thinks really hard)

We hope you enjoyed being introduced to our area of eastern South Dakota
and will visit us some day!

-Terri and Todd

Special thanks to South Dakota Tourism for making this episode possible!