Terri and Todd visit Harding County, South Dakota where they encounter a plethora of magnificent creatures. While there, they visit the Slim Buttes, a unique and fascinating region that few have visited.

A Note From Terri and Todd...
We try to visit the Slim Buttes about once a year. With the recent passing of Todd's father, and his mother selling the homestead, we figured it was time to do a feature on the Slim Buttes.
Sadly, it's unlikely we will return to that area as often without Todd's family there.
Terri's daughter Ashley enjoys joining us on our adventures. Since it was a long drive, we allowed her to bring her friend, Darah. Neither of them had been in this region before, so seeing the excitement in their faces made the journey even more enjoyable. They wanted to see everything we had told them about.
We covered a lot of miles that week. We took them to Baker, Montana, and up to Teddy Roosevelt National Park.

They absolutely loved climbing on the gumbo hills.

It's fun for us to get out and explore, but to be able to show
children how fun it is makes it even better!
We will miss calling this region 'home' and we will stop through and visit whenever we can!

-Terri and Todd
Special thanks to South Dakota Tourism for making this episode possible!