Terri and Todd visit Montana where they journey to the mountains in search of Grizzly Bears. While there, they learn about the importance of the mountain ecosystem and some of the creatures which inhabit the region.

A Note From Terri and Todd.....
This filming trip was thrown together last minute. We were scheduled to spend several days in Idaho filming, however due to circumstance, those plans changed, which gave us open time in our schedule. Rather than spending that time in Idaho, we decided to spend it in Montana!
I am so glad we did. Montana is an amazing, beautiful and diverse state.

Unfortunately the weather was awful and we blew up the engine in our vehicle! We waited around for a ride to Missoula so we could rent a car back home...which costed a ton, by the way. We learned that car companies don't often do one way rentals. It took most of a day and a lot of prayers to get it figured out how we could get back home. Todd was so angry he could spit!

We made it home, and despite the hand of bad luck we were dealt, it was a great trip, and we would love to go back again!

-Terri and Todd

Thank to Schrobers Towing and Sunset Motel in St Ignatius for making this episode possible.