Terri and Todd visit the island paradise where they take in the sites, scenery, history and activities of the island, and visit to some of the least explored parts of the island. They also have close encounters with dolphins and manatees.

A Note From Terri and Todd....
Hola! Our trip to Mexico was perfect! The island is beautiful, wildlife is everywhere, there is a lot to see and experience, but perhaps the thing that we loved the most were all
the friendly faces everywhere we went.
This is Paola, and she is one of the friendly faces that took care of us on the island.

It was our first time in Mexico, and surely won't be our last. We chose to plan our journey for late July to coordinate with sea turtle nesting and hatching, as well as a time which we would avoid  the busy'tourist season'. Also, although the weather is hot in July, there tends to be less chance of severe weather, rain or hurricanes during this month.
It didnt rain a drop...and wind was never an issue. Heat and humidity, on the other hand, took a little getting used to. But it didn't stop us from enjoying every minute of our time on the island. We hardly slept....who could, with so much to see and do? Beside.... We were way too excited! We wanted to see it ALL.
Upon arriving at the airport, our host, Pablo greeted us. He took great care of us that week.

Here is Pablo styling Todd's hair on the golf cart. Pablo may have had his hands full with Terri did her best to keep him on his best behavior.

Members of the local media greeted us in the San Miguel town square, and asked us some questions about having their area highlighted. We were eager to share our excitement with the
locals! They were all so friendly and excited to welcome us to their island!

Even the wildlife, such as this Cozumel Raccooon, was friendly!

We look forward to returning next year. One week just wasn't enough time, and we can't wait to see our friends once again.

-Terri and Todd

Special thanks to Dolphin Discovery, Occidental Grand Cozumel, Cozumel Tourism Board,
LaPerlita's, Cozumel Museum for making this episode possible.