Terri and Todd explore the Everglades of southern Florida, where wildlife abounds!  They even find an endangered American Crocodile!

A Note From Terri and Todd....
If there is anywhere in the world that is the perfect place for Todd, it's southern Florida.
He is fanatical when it comes to reptiles, and seeing Alligators in the wild was a life long dream for him. This is his first encounter. I wish photos had sound. He was elated and as giddy as a group of pre-teen girls at a One Direction concert!

It's really hard for us to take credit for the beauty and success of this episode, as it's all about the animals. In south Florida, it's almost impossible to be disappointed when exploring nature and wildlife.

Terri surely wasn't disappointed and you won't be either! Southern Florida should be on every nature and wildlife lovers bucketlist!

-Terri and Todd

Special thanks to John Finlay, Joe Schriebvogel and Brandon Dodd.