Terri and Todd attend the MN Governors Fishing Opener near Park Rapids, MN. While in the area, they explore the area in search of migrating wildlife.

A note from Terri and Todd:
When our invitation arrived for the 2013 Minnesota Governors Fishing Opener, we made sure to clear our calendar to be there. Northern Minnesota is an amazing and tranquil place!

Plus, they feed you good at those things, Who could pass this up?
Todd almost ate the cup, too, because it looked so good!

The folks up there are friendly, too!We enjoy hanging out
and making new friends!

We hope we can revisit the area again soon, and see some of the friends we made!
Next time we visit, we will warn you to hide the hard hats, because they seem to make Todd a little crazy.

Thanks for having us, Park Rapids!!(or should I say thanks for 'putting up with us'?)

Special thanks to Minnesota Department of Tourism, the Park Rapids Chamber of Commerce, and our friend Randy Kennedy for his guest appearance!