Terri and Todd visit the BHWHS to see changes a year can make to both the lands and the herd. They see the effects drought can have on the prairie and learn about the life of Dayton O. Hyde, a man with a passionate vision to save Wild Horses.

A note from Terri and Todd....
The journey to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary was an interesting one. (as most of our travels are!) The winds were so strong that as we got close to Rapid City, semi's were laying flipped in the ditch. Not just one, but several all in a row. Do you think the approaching semi driver was a little nervous?

Mother Nature, what's up with that? Were you mad?

We made it safely to the hills, where we stayed with our loyal sponsors at the Ramkota in Rapid City.

The beautiful, Miss Ashley, was our guest star, accompanied by hundreds of equally as beautiful wild horses.

This curly horse was especially fond of the camera, and gave Ashley some steep competition.

It was great to see our friends at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, and after a long windy day, a great meal at the Millstone Restaurant, followed by an evening of relaxing in the Ramkota swimming pool made for a perfect end to a perfect day!

We are excited to go back one day soon, and hope that you will put it on your 'to-do' list, too!

Special thanks to the Ramkota-Rapid City, Millstone Restaurant, and the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary
for making this episode possible.