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Our trip to the Big Horns was part of our two week tour around Wyoming. We were blown away! We had to wonder, "why don't we hear more about this place?"

The drive on Highway 14 from Yellowstone to the Big Horns took us forever, because we kept seeing beautiful things to stop and photograph! We knew before we arrived that we didn't give ourselves nearly enough time there.

I did, however, make time to build a 4th of July snowman...

We arrived in the evening. Our goal was to get to Elk View Lodge before dark. Despite all the stops, we would have been there before dark, had we not have been greeted by several moose.

Don't you love warm welcomes??

The room was great, and the hot tub was great after a long day on the road.

We had to pick and choose which areas to concentrate on, since our time was limited.

We were driving down a back road and passed a gentlemen on a bike, and it turns out he knew us from a few years back and stopped us. Small world! He and his wife visit there each year from Minnesota.

I think it would be fun to camp there. There were a lot of very private campsites throughout the park.

I will never forget the way the fresh air smelled there. I can't wait to go back!

Terri and Todd