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The idea to go to Pembina County was perhaps the most random and spontaneous of the season. We were going to a wedding of our producers son in Watertown, SD. We figured if we were going that far, it would be fun to just pick a spot and head north, towards the Canadian Border.

We had never visited that area, and weren't sure what we would find. When we heard Walhalla was the 'moose capital' of North Dakota...we knew we had found our random destination!

Sherry and Kathy, representatives from Cavalier and Walhalla, helped me collaborate the details and helped us feel welcome. We had no idea how historic the area was though.

This Brickmine bridge was historic. And a little "rustic", too. It took some coaxing to get Todd to walk on it, yet alone drive across it.

 I think our favorite spot was just south of Walhalla at the Tetrault Woods State Forest. We took a hike through some marshland that was really beautiful and unique.

This bridge he had no problems crossing! Isn't it beautiful!?

Todd was determined to drive back roads north to get a glimpse of Canada. Not sure why. All the roads stop...we didn't find Canada, however we could see it in the distance!

I told Todd that if he looked sideways, he would be able to see Canada better.

Then, for some reason, he seemed skeptical when I told him he could see the gorge better through these binoculars.

It was fun to visit an area we had never visited. We sure picked a good one!

Thanks to the folks of Pembina County that helped make us feel so welcomed!

We look forward to coming back to visit!

Terri and Todd