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Can you believe neither of us have visited Yellowstone before filming this episode? True story!

We took a photo by the Yellowstone sign, because everyone else was doing it. Peer pressure!
Ah, heck, we've done cheesier things!

It was on my bucket list for many years, and since we were going to the Red Desert and the Tetons, it seemed logical that we visit since we were so close by.

You will notice that we did not film at Old Faithful, or many other 'famous' geysers. Reason is...we are on a budget and believe it or not, we would have to pay to have a park monitor present with us if we were to film those areas. We are too cheap! Besides, there are plenty of other things to feature throughout the park that generally don't get the attention they deserve, so we gave those features the attention instead.

Here's me, giving a Bison some attention.....

Oh wait. That's not a's Todd!

If I had to pick my favorite part of Yellowstone, I would definitely say the Grand Canyon. It's like peering in to the center of the earth. Mesmerizing.

Isn't it pretty?

Yellowstone was bigger than I had imagined...we saw less than half of it during our visit. Sadly, we didn't see a grizzly. That gives us something to go back for, right?

Terri And Todd