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Like most of the places we visited this season, we had never heard of the Lake Between the Lakes. We were heading to Nashville for a programmers conference and I literally pulled up a map and looked for green areas, which are generally areas of outdoor recreation, or parks. Land Between the Lakes was just south of the interstate, where we would be passing by. So in July we stopped to scout it out. We only spent one night there but after 10 minutes, we already knew we would be planning a trip back!

I contacted the park and ended up speaking with a member of the 'friends' group, named Jim. Jim was determined to find a way to get us back. He spearheaded the planning and had a whole team of helpful people with the park contact me and it became quite a well planned collaboration! We gave ourselves 5 days total to film, and had a hard time fitting it all in to one episode!

I loved learning about the tobacco harvest! Fascinating! Plus, I felt like I was on the set of Hee Haw!

The turtle  we found in the spillway remains unidentified. Even biologists from the university in Kentucky seem unsure of the species. We have passed around emails and no one seems to know for certain what we discovered. Anyone, anyone?

The LBL Region is full of legends...however all we found there was beauty, wildlife, history, education, and lots of friendly faces, passionate about what they do at LBL.

Maybe I should add 'mystery' to the list of things LBL is good for. Todd spotted something...he was pretty sure it was a legless lizard and it mysteriously vanished!

This place is unbelievable...and whats the most unbelievable is that we drove past it on the interstate many times, yet didn't know it existed. We are pleased to feature it and urge you to check it out some time when you are passing through!

I do have to advise you to watch your speed though...Todd got a speeding ticket on a road south east of the park! Oops! Happens to the best of us!

So the cops weren't our favorite people, however we did make some great friends. Not only at LBL, but also at Knoth's BBQ and Timbers Steak and Grill!! They sure know how to cook down south! Mmm!!

We hope you enjoy our time at LBL! If you are ever passing through, stop and say 'hi'...and tell them Terri and Todd sent you!

Terri and Todd