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We were planning a trip to Texas, and were looking for unique destinations to visit along the way. After looking at a map, we decided to make a 'round trip' out of it, and hit Arkansas on the way down, and Oklahoma on the way back, to break up the drive.

The Ozarks were on my bucket list, so it was easy to choose the Ozarks near Fayetteville as a destination to visit. Oklahoma, on the other hand, I was unsure of, until I heard about the Gloss Mountains!

The week we were in Fayetteville just so happened to be the week of graduation at the college, which made it difficult to find lodging. Thankfully, the kind folks at SkyVue got our crew in and were incredibly accommodating. They even made us homemade pizza, delivered to the room! We were and still are grateful to them for helping us pull things together!

It was our first time in the deep south, and it was more beautiful than I even imagined. The people were friendly  too! Our biggest challenge was finding a rest stop or public restroom, which left us feeling creative. We won't go in to details...

We did find a picnic area, however, and treated ourselves to a delicious gourmet meal, served on our finest China.

Our time in the Ozarks was great, and we met some friendly local folks with some interesting stories. The most intriguing was about a species of lizard there. Apparently they will "come after you", and if you kill one, you have to bury the head and body in separate holes, as they will fuse back together. We didn't find one of those particular lizards, so we will have to keep guessing...Perhaps this is more of a legend or intended to scare tourists away? We may never know...

Hey Todd, you got some ketchup on your face. You better get it before the lizards do!

On the way back, we stopped through Enid where we ate at the Door Step Diner. Amazing food, and friendly service! We stayed at the Newton Ranch...which was pretty much every persons dream home!

Our dream home....the Newton Ranch!

 It was a lot of fun and they made us feel welcomed. Sadly, we ended up with a flat tire which put a damper on things. Then Todd wasn't feeling well, and a bad storm was rolling in, which cut our visit short.

This may look like a beautiful photo, but behind the beauty, severe weather and tornadoes were moving in to the area quickly.

I guess things like that are bound to happen occasionally. We can surely count our blessings based on the time we did get to spend there though!

There were more places we wanted to see, but sadly didn't get to on this journey. I guess it's OK though, because that gives us an excuse to go back and we did make some great memories and friends along the way!

Terri and Todd