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Harding County, South Dakota, has a special place in our hearts. As you might know, that is where Todd grew up. I will never forget the first time I went there. How could there be anywhere on earth that the sky is so big? How could such peace and tranquility exist?

Sometime we just find a desolate area to just lay out a blanket and kick back to relax
and listen to the sounds of nature.

Each season, its tradition we visit Harding County. When we think of all the great 'finds' we have made there, the list doesn't seem to end. Each time, it seems we discover something new and fascinating. One thing for certain, we are never disappointed.

See! I don't look disappointed, do I?

If I were disappointed, it would look more like this.....

We decided to throw together this episode to show you some of the great finds we have made there over the years.

During our visit, we took a road trip to an area we hadn't yet traveled. It would be all new to us, even Todd! Todd's folks remembered a road in the back of the Slim Buttes that they had taken years ago and they wanted to revisit it and show it to us.

The road wasn't quite what they remembered. It was practically impassible in places due to huge ruts. With Todd behind the wheel, that didn't seem to be an issue.

It wasn't an issue to HIM, that is....not sure the rest of us enjoyed it.

Somehow we made it, although I think it even had Todd on the verge of breaking a sweat. It was quite an adventure!

We hope you enjoy this journey back to where Todd's roots began!

After all, there's no place like home.......

Terri and Todd