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The Red Desert region was perhaps one of the coolest and most diverse regions we explored this year. This being our fifth year, we can honestly say....this, we feel, is our funniest episode ever. We didn't plan it that way...heck, we don't plan anything. Life happens, and sometimes what 'happens' just 'happens' to be funny.

Last year, on our way to the Rocky Mountains, we wanted to visit the Red Desert, but we simply didn't have time. So this season, we made a point to go back and take the time to explore.

I was having cell phone problems and on the phone with customer service for most of the trip there. Well, whenever I had service, that is. So the drive out was fairly uneventful.

When we arrived in Rock Springs, we met up with a couple of Todd's relatives. After supper, they drove us around town and showed us a book on the Red Desert. Todd had no idea what I had in store for him, prior to looking at that book. He had visited as a child and didn't remember the area being that spectacular. I finally had him excited!

Over the course of the next couple of days, we became officially convinced that the Red Desert Region would be the ultimate place to live. The diversity...the wildlife...the climate....and so much more, would make this a great place to live.

Besides, then we could play in the second largest sandbox in the world every day!

The Killpecker Sand Dunes were our favorite. Who knew this even existed, yet alone in Wyoming? It was beautiful beyond words. We had a lot of fun with Bob and Ann, whom we rescued from the sand. If they hadn't gotten stuck, we wouldn't have had a chance to explore the dunes! Sometimes It's good when 'bad things happen. It gave us a chance to make some new friends....or should I call them victims? ;)

So thank you, Bob! Can we get stuck again next year?

When I watch this episode, I still cringe when I hear the term 'Flaming Gorge', and after you watch, you will soon know why.  I'm not going to say anymore. All I can do is shake my head.

Speaking of head...this dune makes even Todd's head look tiny.

Speaking of Flaming Gorge. We got SO lost trying to find the Flaming Gorge. We ended up going too far west, and then heading south, and didn't realize we were messed up until we were almost in Utah. Oops. I couldn't really blame Todd for this one, I was lost too! At least the scenery was pretty. We finally found the gorge, right before dark!

I didn't actually get to see the Desert Elk. Bob and I had were in the lead on our 4-wheeler, and Todd was always getting stuck. When I would turn and he wasn't there, I would assume he was stuck again. So we would sit and wait for his large head to come popping up over the dunes. I was really bummed to learn that for once he wasn't stuck...instead he found Desert Elk and filmed them without me, because we were too far ahead. I guess there are benefits to getting stuck!

Todd probably wouldn't agree.....

This is one area that we will definitely be revisiting. If we are really lucky, we will run in to our new friends Bob and Ann again!

Terri and Todd