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I have always wanted to visit the Grand Tetons. To be honest, it always seemed to me that they were further away from where we live than what they really are. I also had this idea in my head that they would be just mountains, I would get there and take some pictures of the scenery, and that would be about all there would be to do.

Does this smile convince you that I was wrong?

It all started last year when we were going to the Rocky Mountains. We had driven through Wyoming and I really wanted to spend time in the Red Desert, however, our schedule was an issue and we didn't have time. So I put the Red Desert on my list of places to visit for our season 5 filming ventures.

After looking at a map, and realizing how close we would be to the Tetons from the Red Desert, it seemed this would be our chance to finally visit them. Upon researching, I became excited! They were so much more than a majestic mountain range. Most importantly, they have moose!

If we were as far as the Tetons, we might as well visit Yellowstone too, right? So we did. We spent two weeks traveling Wyoming, stopping at various locations for a couple of days. I am so glad we put the Tetons on that itinerary.

Here we are, shooting our official season 5 images in front of the scenic Tetons, unbeknownst to some tourists.....Should we Photoshop them out? Nah.....

Wyoming blew us away. We had no idea what treasures we would find in Wyoming, right next door to South Dakota! It was by far the most diverse state in which we have traveled, and offered an amazing lesson in history, too.

After stopping at Jackson Hole to resolve cell phone issues I was having, we were on our way to the Tetons. We were greeted warmly at Lost Creek Ranch. It was close to the Park and offered the nicest view! We had a great time. They gave us some pointers on back areas to explore for wildlife, and much of this episode was filmed in the areas around the ranch. Wish we had more time there!

Beautiful cabins! Great food! Todd didn't know which bed to sleep in, and didn't know which fork to use!

The nest night we stay at the Togwotee Lodge (which was REALLY nice too!) before heading to Yellowstone from there. We had a cabin with our own woodburning fireplace, right next to the hot tub building! Again, hard to leave!

There was a ravine and some trails across from the lodge and Todd wanted to hike them looking for grizzly bears. I don't get scared much, but I was the most scared I have ever been. Every noise I heard, I went in to full panic mode. I can handle venomous snakes without being as scared as I was walking there! I want to see a grizzly in the wild, but I surely don't want to come face to face with it, with no where to seek protection.

The most popular place in Grand Teton National Park seemed to be the restrooms. It doesn't help that it seemed half of them were closed for cleaning whenever we needed them, resulting in long lines. We soon learned that we needed to be proactive and 'go before we HAD to go'. Those things aren't always easy to predict. ;)

Speaking of restrooms, have you ever seen Todd so happy? Also, read the door. It says 'Please Close Door'. Really? Don't some things go without saying?

Another popular place was the Cascade Canyon Trail. Holy was a solid line of people...moving very slowly...for the first part of the trail. Once we busted free from the 'traffic', things seemed to go smoother. The further up the trail, the less people. Most stop after the falls, and very few hikers go past Inspiration Point.

Here we are on the boat to the Cascade Canyon Trail...

A visit to the Tetons is something everyone must experience in their lifetimes! The beauty is something you simply can't imagine!

Thanks for watching!

Terri and Todd