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Terri and Todd introduce us to various creatures that live near or in our waters. They trudge through a muddy stream feeling for snapping turtles with their feet. They also teach us about the various developmental stages of tadpoles, and educate us about American Bullfrogs and American Avocets, which have an interesting way of eating!

A personal message about this episode...

This episode was supposed to be our potpourri show for the season. You know......the footage we have left at the end of the season after everything is edited, that we don't know what to do with...After editing it up, we made a last minute title change, as we realized that there seemed to be a common denominator in this episode.. Everything in it had something to do with water! So that is how this episode came to be. We hope you enjoy these bits and pieces from our season's journeys.

Terri and Todd

Behind the scenes...
It seems both Terri and Todd are good at spotting creatures that live in or near water. Actually, they are both in time out and blaming each other for 'starting' it.....

The fight ensued when Terri claimed to be the shows 'better half'. And things worsened when Todd knelt on Terri's toe as he decided to show his take on 'better half'.
This is where we would like to say ' The End' (no pun intended)....however there is more to the story. Despite their differences in opinion, tendency to argue and give each other grief, there are no two people who enjoy being on screen together more than this duo....and believe it or not, sometimes they even get along!

The End.