Special thanks to Oak Tree Inn (Bill WY), Mountain Memories and The Depot Restaurant, Douglas, WY

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Terri and Todd travel through Eastern Wyoming on their way to Mountain Memories Ranch where they spend a couple of days being part of a working ranch family, which stirs memories from their rural childhoods. On their journey they stop through Bill, Wyoming, where they take in the landscapes and history. They also get a glimpse of historic Laramie Peak, Ayers Natural Bridge, the North Platte River and explore another beautiful and scenic area where they find some Sagebrush Lizards!

A personal message about this episode...

We had a trip to Colorado planned that would take us through Wyoming, so we decided to research places along the way that would make for a good stopover. Terri stumbled across information about Bill, Wyoming, and thought since there is really nothing there, it would be a perfect place for us to stop. Sometimes the most remote areas are the most attractive to us! And Bill was certainly remote!We had also read about this ranch, in the middle of pretty much no where, where people could come to experience what kife is like in that region...so we put in a call and Mountain Memories welcomed us to their ranch to spend a couple of days. Les and Norma Jean, owners of the ranch, welcomed us in to their home and we were part of their ranch family for a couple of days. Being on that ranch surely brought back memories of our days growing up in rural areas of the Midwest. We hope you enjoy looking back and reminiscing with us in this episode!

Terri and Todd

Behind the scenes.....
The first night at the ranch, these friendly horses greeted us and offered us a ride through the country side. The one on the right was especially friendly and greeted us with a big smile.

The next morning we explored the farm, and introduced ourselves to the chickens. They didn't seem as excited to greet us as the horse was....

Tom made friends with the farm dogs....

Special thanks to the following for making this episode possible:
Mountain Memories at Turtle Rock Ranch, Glenrock, Wy
The Depot Restaurant, Douglas, Wy
Oak Tree Inn, Bill, Wy