Special thanks to Lincoln County Convention and Visitors Bureau, Oak Tree Inn and Penny’s Diner, Dancing Leaf Cultural Learning Center, Merricks Ranch House, Lakehouse Bar and Grill
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Terri and Todd visit the North Platte, Nebraska area where they explore the North Platte River and the creatures that inhabit the area, such as cattle egrets, ornate box turtles, woodpeckers and crayfish! While in the area, they visit Dancing Leaf, where they spend a night in a primitive Native American Earth Lodge and get a real feel for early Native American life! They explore the diversity of the region, get a lesson in history and the Native American culture, as well as a learn all about native plants and how they were used.

A personal message about this episiode.....

Terri is generally in charge of coming up with locations and content. Sometimes it amuses us the things that she comes across online while researching. This one came out of the blue.  We knew we would be traveling through the area, but aside from the Sandhill Crane migration, were unaware that this area had so much to offer, until she did further research. Our visit to Dancing Leaf is perhaps one of the most unique things we have featured on the show. After putting a call in to the folks at Dancing Leaf, we were stoked and excited for the experience we were about to embark on. The folks at Dancing Leaf were wonderful to us and very helpful...and can cook up a heck of a good meal, too! We hope you enjoy this unique and entertaining venture that we found in the North Platte area!

Terri and Todd

Behind the scenes....

Our time at Dancing Leaf, we felt an inner peace. Perhaps it was the serenity and scenery, or perhaps there was a spirit there...a good one...that made us sleep better than we'd slept in nights...and one that was there to welcome us to their home.
We took a series of photos in the lodge. We found it odd that the first couple of pictures we took, were normal, but as we looked at each photo, there was this pink blur that appeared. First over Todd. Then over Terri. And finally over Tom. It seemed very random and bizarre and we would like to think that the spirit of Dancing Leaf is alive there welcoming visitors that come to learn and share the experiences they offer.

This was also interesting....during our visit Les explained to us why they called this location 'Dancing Leaf"...because of the spirit that lies in the dancing leaves in the trees.  We took this photo above the trail the evening soon after we arrived. This Leaf seemed to be hanging there and dancing, ever so gently. It was calm, it was peaceful...it seemed like a sign..and a welcoming one at that.
After a great night sleep in the Earth Lodge, we spent a day exploring North Platte, almost like tourists! Not only were the spirits welcoming but we found the town folks to be quite welcoming too. Here we are checking out Bailey Yard. Eight Stories up and we weren't even scared!

Special thanks to the following for making this episode possible:
Lincoln County Convention and Visitors Bureau, North Platte, NE
Oak Tree Inn and Penny’s Diner, North Platte, NE
Dancing Leaf Cultural Learning Center, Wellfleet, NE
Merricks Ranch House, North Platte, NE
Lakehouse Bar and Grill, North Platte, NE