Special thanks to Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, IRAM, Dayton, Susan and Karla!
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Terri and Todd travel to the Southern Black Hills, where they spend a day exploring the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. Accompanied by Terri’s daughter Ashley, the threesome learn all about the history and importance of the sanctuary, through the eyes of the founder, Dayton Hyde. Beautiful horses, history, and scenery unlike any other place on earth, they learn through their visit that the sanctuary is a magical place!

A personal message about this episode......

Earlier this summer, we had a chance to get a brief tour of the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. The place was fascinating so we were thrilled when several weeks later, we got a call from the sanctuary, inviting us our to film more there. Literally 3 days later, with Terri's 8 year old daughter in tow, we were back at the Sanctuary once again...this time to explore much deeper. Sometimes things have a way of working out, and we are sure glad it worked out for us to film an episode on this wonderful place this season. We hope you enjoy experiencing the beauty of the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary with us.

Terri and Todd (and Ashley too!)

Behind the scenes....
The highlight of our journey was taking a moment to get to know the founder, Dayton O. Hyde. We found him to be quite friendly and entertaining!

When we weren't being entertained by Dayton, or the horses, we were being entertained by this monkey......Ashley!

Her funny faces were so entertaining, even the horse came to check them out!

Special thanks to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary and the State Game Lodge and Creekside Resort for making this episode possible!