Special thanks to: Iron Range Resources Board, NE MN Sustainable  Development Partnership Board, Toivola Meadowland Development Board, City of Meadowlands, Jeff Kletscher, Paul Bannick, Mike Hendrickson
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Todd and Terri travel to Northeastern Minnesota where they attend the Sax Zim Bog Birding Festival. At the festival, they learn about owls and other bird species that call this unique and beautiful area ‘ home’ during the winter months. While exploring the Meadowlands area, they encounter various forms of wildlife and have a chance to observe and admire one of their favorite visitors to the area, the rarely-seen Northern Hawk Owl. Author and Wildlife Photographer Paul Bannick takes a moment to educate viewers on woodpeckers and owls.

A personal message about this episode.....
It was at Terri's family reunion a couple of years ago that this episode came to life. Viewers had requested we do more on birding, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. After hearing about the festival, Terri began working with her cousin on plans to attend the festival. The festival takes place in February in Northern Minnesota, and was our first episode filmed entirely outdoors in the winter. Luckily, we got beautiful weather...around 20 degrees is beautiful in February!
The festival went off without a hitch and we even learned a lot about birding! We hope you enjoy our time at the festival, in the comfort of your warm homes!

Behind the scenes.........

First of all, you notice how sometimes it seems that Todd puts himself in the strangest situations? I don't think he had a clue what he was setting himself up for...

And here's Tom taking a breather. Don't worry, we had a nice hotel room for him and woke him up when we were done filming and ready to head to the community center for dinner!

Speaking of dinner...here is a creature that we found that has unusual eating behaviors. Especially when you feed him spaghetti.....
And finally, Terri had a chance to show off her awesome hat. Todd's hat is quite slimming, don't you think?

Special thanks to the following who helped make this episode possible:
Jeff Kletscher
Paul Bannick
Mike Hendrickson
Iron Range Resources Board
NE MN Sustainable Development Partnership Board
Toivola Meadowlands Development Board
City of Meadowlands