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Todd and Terri go on a journey to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado on a search for moose! They didn’t have to search hard, as it seems the moose in this area were waiting to greet them upon arrival! There were moose of all sizes, everywhere! Come along with us as we get up close and personal with these wonderful creatures! (perhaps too close!)

A personal message about this episode.....
We spent much of the past year and a half looking for moose in the wild. At Rocky Mountain National Park, it felt like we were in moose heaven! These beautiful creatures were everywhere! And we couldn't pass up any of the opportunities we had to photograph and film these magnificent creatures. All the footage we got was so good and so unique, that we couldn't resist the urge to devote an entire episode to moose. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed having the opportunity to bring it to you.

Terri and Todd

Behind the scenes.....

Most of the moose we encountered on our journey, we spotted from the safely of our vehicle. One evening, toward dark, we were walking along a trail, and this is literally what Terri came face to face with.....I wonder if she will think twice before leading the crew next time?

And here is her reaction, captured via self-portrait.
Speaking of self-portraits...this show how talented our cameraman Tom is...he can take a photo of himself, feet away from a huge bull moose, while filming, and post it on Facebook!
And last but not least, there's Todd, who insisted on seeing how close of a shot he could get. Perhaps we should remind him that his camera has a zoom lens?

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