Special thanks to Rushmore cave and Soaring Eagle Zipline!
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Terri and Todd explore the history and wonders of beautiful Rushmore Cave in the Black Hills of South Dakota. After a tour of the cave, they get geared up to go spelunking for the first time, which proves exciting, yet challenging! No visit to the cave is complete without soaring through the air like an eagle on the caves newest attraction experience, the Soaring Eagle Zip line.

A personal message about this episode.....

At the Kid's Fair in Rapid City in May, we were asked by Ross to do a feature on Rushmore Cave. This would be an easy episode to film...no driving around searching aimlessly for wildlife with the risk of not finding it. This piece of nature was ready and waiting for us to explore. But since caves don't bite or go to the bathroom on us, we decided to make the episode more exciting by going spelunking. Our first time spelunking proved to be exciting as well as entertaining. We hope that you enjoy spelunking Rushmore Cave with us!

Terri and Todd

Behind the scenes.....
Since Todd and Terri both look ridiculous in helmets, we thought we would show you the 'better' stuff from the trip...This is Tom entertaining Terri's granddaughter Hayden at Storybook Island in Rapid City....now isn't that better than looking at Terri and Todd posing in caving gear?

And here is Todd introducing Hayden to Barney.  She doesn't seem intimidated by creatures with big heads.
Ok, fine, since you were curious, we will prove it....we both look silly in those hats!

Special thanks to Rushmore Cave and Soaring Eagle Zip Line for making this episode possible!