Special thanks to the Grand Rapids area and Wildwood Resort!
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Terri and Todd Travel to the Grand Rapids, Minnesota area, in search of River Otters. During their search, they show us how they look for signs of wildlife that inhabit a particular area. They discover a wide array of wildlife, ranging from common creatures such as Beaver and Porcupine, to Trumpeter Swans and the rare and elusive Great Grey Owl! They also stop by the Minnesota Governors Fishing Opener, where they visit about the outdoors with Minnesota Senator Al Franken.

A personal note about this episode:
Each year, we are lucky enough to be invited to the Minnesota Governors Fishing Opener. This year's opener was near Grand Rapids, MN, an area that Todd and Terri had always wanted to explore. Typical Minnesota Fishing Opener...it rained pretty much the entire time! Since spending time on the water was not an option, we were able to find extra time to explore the area...which was beautiful and adventuresome. Northern Minnesota is fascinating and each visit, we find something we didn't expect to see. Lets hope next summer, we can find wolves! Thanks to the folks of Grand Rapids for welcoming us to your area, and for your hospitality!

Terri and Todd

Behind the Scenes....
Here is Terri joking around with Senator Al Franken. He was very personable!

And here is Terri with the Governor of Minnesota. Todd was there, we swear! We are not really sure where he was when Terri was mingling with the big shots. Perhaps in the outhouse?
As suspected....Todd rejoined us....and was no longer classified as missing in action.....

He felt so badly for leaving Terri alone that he brought her gifts of great joy......

It didn't work. But he gets an E for effort!

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Grand Rapids Area
Wildwood Resort