Special thanks to: Grand Lake Area Chamber Of Commerce, Grand Lake Lodge and Dining room, Sagebrush BBQ and Grill, The Rapids Restaurant, Grand Pizza, and Pancho and Lefty's
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Terri and Todd visit Grand Lake, Colorado, gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. While in the area, they encounter a wide array of wildlife, including Rocky Mountain Elk, American Pika, Yellow Bellied Marmots, Big Horn Sheep and Stellar Jays! They found themselves mesmerized by the beautiful scenery that the area has to offer as they explored various areas, from the forests and meadows to the delicate alpine tundra and snow-covered mountain tops!

A Personal Message About This Episode....

Our trip to the Rocky Mountains was an idea that Terri came up with. Regency Hotel Management, one of our loyal long time sponsors, owns a property in Grand Lake., so Terri made a cold call to the Grand Lake Chamber. Lisa at the Chamber was thrilled and excited and played a huge role in making this episode happen. This episode was our most anticipated episode of the season. None of us had experienced the Rocky Mountains before, and after reading that this area has one of the largest concentrations of moose in the lower 48, we could barely wait!Be we did wait, and it was worth it! It was the experience of a lifetime. In 10 days, we filmed 4 episodes!We hope you join us for them!

Terri and Todd

Behind the scenes.....
Being on the road with a couple of males all the time, especially on a long journey like this...seems to have had some adverse affect on Terri. As she says 'I'm just having fun!"

This is the beautiful campsite which we spent our final night in the Rockies. That night got so cold that we didn't get any sleep! When we emerged from our tent, there was a thick layer of frost covering everything! Note to self: Next time, request a site with electric...and bring a space heater!

We had a tourist take this picture of us outside of the Grand Lake Lodge, which overlooks Grand Lake. They call this the Nuptial Knoll and we figured in a sense we are all united in nature. Next time we ask a tourist to take a photo of us, we will try to remove large garbage cans from the area first.

Special thanks to the following for making this episode possible:

Grand Lake Area Chamber Of Commerce, Grand Lake, CO
Grand Lake Lodge, Grand Lake, CO
Grand Lake Lodge Dining Room, Grand Lake, CO
Sagebrush BBQ and Grill, Grand Lake, CO
The Rapids Restaurant, Grand Lake, CO
Grand Pizza, Grand Lake, CO
Pancho and Lefty’s Mexican Restaurant, Grand Lake, CO