Special thanks to Reptile Gardens and Terry Phillip!
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Todd and Terri visit their friend Herpetologist Terry Phillip at Reptile Gardens, outside of Rapid City, SD, seeking advice on reptiles. In exchange for Terry’s help and advice, Terri agrees to return the favor by helping him out with a chore at Reptile Gardens. You will cringe when you learn what chore they give her, and shocked when she actually does it!

A personal message about this episode:

We were heading to Reptile Gardens to visit our friend, Terry, and we literally didn't know what we were going to film when we drove in the parking lot. We walked around the location scratching our heads and came up with the idea for a feature, out of the blue. Usually when we plan an episode, it starts off as an idea that pop into Todd's head, and Terri finishes the idea .....and together we bring it to life. Never did we imagine this would become a full episode, yet alone one of our favorites.
We hope you enjoy it!
Terri and Todd

Behind the Scenes....
This episode was actually filmed in two separate visits, 3 months apart. Here we are with Terri's daughter Ashley. It was her second visit to Reptile Gardens. She didn't know what to think when mommy went in with the alligators and croc's! But as you see below, somehow Todd got her to warm up and she became brave enough to go in the pen with them, but still wouldn't sit on one. Maybe next time!

When we were finished filming, we decided to have a little fun. Todd attempted to fit his head in one of those photo sets. (is that what those are called?) It didn't come close to fitting!

Here is Ashley taking her turn. Can you tell she really didn't want to do this? She said "It's a BOY, and I am NOT a boy!" But we got a picture anyway.....

Special thanks to:
Reptile Gardens and Herpetologist Terry Phillip
for making this episode possible!