The Midwest is a great place to explore! Watch as Todd and Terri showcase some of the different creatures they have spotted along the road in their journeys, including Sandpipers, Mule Deer, Coyotes, and a skunk that can't decide who he likes better, Todd or Terri! Outside the car, they are dive-bombed by Common Nighthawks, and come upon some silly racing ducks. Todd and Terri get nose to beak with some adorable and brave Great Horned Owl Fledglings, who are just learning to fly!
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A personal note from Terri and Todd about this episode:

One of our favorite things to do is just drive around and watch for wildlife. Todd has became a PRO at spotting wildlife along the road. You never know what you might encounter! Much of the content you find in the episodes of Nature Adventures is discoveries we have made just by spending countless hours driving roads, particularly early in the morning and in the 'magic hour' before sunset. Did you know that Todd can spot something as small as a dung beetle while driving down a gravel road? It's true! Luckily Terri makes a great back seat driver!

Terri and Todd

Here are some behind the scenes shots of us filming along the road!

Tom will do ANYTHING to get the right shot

Here is Todd filming a skunk that was feeding on this jackrabbit on the road. Crazy.

And here is Tom doubling as a mechanic as he changes a tire...along the road, as Foreman Todd looks on.

Terri came upon this disturbing site...ALONG A ROAD.

Here we are in a tire shop ONCE AGAIN. Flat tires STINK. And so does Todd. All this driving is hard on tires. Did we mention we need a tire sponsor?

And Terri thinks we need a 'chauffeur' sponsor....because this is what Terri thinks of Todd's driving!