Terri and Todd travel to the Wabasha, MN area in search of the rare Blanding's Turtle! During their visit, they help Blanding's Turtle Hatchlings cross the road and see the drastic measures Todd takes to get his hands on an adult Blanding's Turtle! They explore the Weaver Dunes Natural Area and go on a duck boat tour of the backwaters of the Mississippi River, an area rich with beauty and wildlife. They discover many different bird species including egrets, herons, eagles, Sand Hill Cranes, Canadian Geese and more! While in Wabasha, they took time to visit the National Eagle Center and get up close and personal with the Bald Eagles.

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Special thanks to:
The National Eagle Center
Slippery's Bar and Restaurant
State Farm Agent Jerry Arens
Wabasha Motel and TV Park
Big River Adventures
Dan and Elaine Miller
Allison, Scott and Jeff from the NEC

A personal note on this episode from Terri and Todd:

Wabasha, Minnesota is a beautiful area! We had a great time in the area and met a lot of great people! The river is beautiful, powerful and amazing! We enjoyed the array of wildlife in the area, and it was a rush to experience Blanding's Turtles in the wild as they were hatching and beginning their lives. What a great find! One thing we missed out on there was filming a Northern Water Snake! We found one but were unable to catch it!

Thanks for watching!

Terri and Todd

Here are some photos from our journey to Wabasha, MN:

Here are Tom and Terri waiting in the tire shop. We get A LOT of flat tires. We think we need a tire sponsor to donate tires! Terri was NOT happy. Tom is just happy he doesn't have to change the tire!

This is Todd and although you can't see his face, trust me, he is HAPPY! However he wasn't happy when Terri made him clean the shower after he was done cleaning up. We will refrain from posting pictures of his belly button and the seaweed caught inside of it! You will have to use your imagination!

This is Todd attempting to squeeze his large head in to this display for a photo. It appears he lost a few hairs over the deal, but appears to still have all of his brain cells.