Terri and Todd visit the Black Hills Region of South Dakota, where they spend time exploring the Deadwood area as well as Custer State Park.  While there they enjoy some time at some of their favorite places to visit, including Mt Roosevelt and Roughlock Falls, where Todd tries his hand at panning for gold. They encounter a variety of fairly common Black Hills creatures including a Yellow Bellied Racer, Ruffed Grouse, Elk, Wild Turkeys, Big Horn Sheep, Antelope and a Wandering Garter Snake. They also find something they hadn't encountered in the Black Hills area before....a giant Sand Hill Crane!

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Special thanks to:
Deadwood Area Chamber of Commerce and Lee Harstad
Ramkota Hotel, Rapid City
State Game Lodge and Legion Lake Lodge

A personal note on this episode from Terri and Todd:

Over the past several years, we have spent a lot of time in the Black Hills. Each time we find something unique and amazing. The Deadwood area, Custer State Park, and Roughlock Falls are some of our favorite areas in the hills. The Spearfish Canyon is also unique and beautiful. Roughlock Falls is the most beautiful falls we have ever seen and each time we are in the hills, we make sure to schedule time to visit the falls.

We learned some valuable information in Deadwood....Did you know that Todd can run 11 miles an hour downhill?  While in Deadwood Todd decided to see if those speed check signs can pick up pedestrian speeds as well as cars. So he waited for a break in cars and ran out in the street and ran down the road as fast as he could, as Terri stood on the side of the road, in shock and horror. Much to our amazement, his plan worked and he was clocked at 11 miles her hour. Thankfully for him, there was no 'HEAD wind' that day!

Terri and Todd

Here are some photos from our journey!

This is yet ANOTHER photo of Todd with his tongue hanging out. What he is REALLY doing is thinking hard and concentrating. He was bent over a creek with the underwater cam trying to film some trout! The water was cold, so he isn't trying to thermo-regulate. (Thermo-regulate is a term used to describe how cold blooded reptiles maintain their body temperature) Perhaps he was trying to keep his balance?

Guess what we are doing in this picture:
a. Thermoregulating
b. Learning about one another.
c. Trying to keep our balance.
d. Catching Bugs
e. Being Silly.
If you guessed E, you are right!

This is a couple of friends we made on our journey. At least THEY know how to keep their tongue in their mouths for pictures!