Terri and Todd are going on vacation to Ely, MN, and you get to come along! They go backwoods camping near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and take time to enjoy the trails, sites, scenery and wildlife.  Be prepared to bust a gut when they try their hand at kayaking and canoeing for the first time, and realize it's not easy as it looks, but finally prove that anyone can do it! And of course no trip to Ely is complete without carousing the town and visiting the Dorothy Molter Museum, the International Wolf Center and the North American Bear Center. They also take a moment to visit beautiful Kawishiwi Falls and talk about the famous Ely Greenstone Formation.
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Special thanks to the Ely Area Chamber of Commerce!
Also..Linda Fryer, Lori Schmidt, Donna Andrews, Don Beans, North American Bear Center, Dorothy Molter Museum, International Wolf Center

A note from Terri and Todd about this episode:

Our trip to Ely was AMAZING! What a quaint little town! The folks there are friendly, and their backyard is filled with wonder! I think our favorite thing to do there was kayak. Once we learned how of course! We had the opportunity to drive north in to the backwoods towards the Boundary Waters and stayed at a couple of different campgrounds. We found the neatest place called Lake Meander. We swore it would remain our 'secret' and that we wanted to keep it to ourselves as for it to not be overrun by tourists, but it is too beautiful to not share with you. We had the time of our lives there on our last night before heading home. We stopped at the grocery store and picked up some supplies, including steaks, and cooked them over the open campfire....which was amazing. We sat by the fire and listened to creatures stirring in the night, which was a little creepy! During the night a huge rainstorm moved in and we got stuck camping out in the suburban the rest of the night....wet, cold, noisy and cramped! But we had a good laugh about it! What else can you do really? :) Ely Rocks and we WILL be back! No wonder if has earned the title 'The coolest small town in America!'

Here are some behind the scenes photos from our journey!

Eating steak with no utensils, except a plastic fork, is not easy, even for a caveman!

Here are Tom and Todd taking a bath together. Actually they are filming. That thing in Todd's hand is our 'scuba' cam...a small cam in a waterproof tube that allows us to get shots under the water!

Terri, the smarter of the three, watches from shore and works on her tan!