Terri and Todd visit Reptile Gardens where they go behind the scenes and get 'hands-on' with various reptiles,  including alligators, crocodiles, a Timber Rattlesnake, and more!  Terri proves she is over her fear of snakes when she handles a Burmese Python over twice her size, while Todd proves that he is not afraid of spiders, even big hairy ones! Watch with fear as they show you what opening the 'mail' is like as they open a very 'dangerous' delivery, plus get a sneak peak at yet another special delivery....Coastal Taipan hatchlings as they are getting their first glimpse of the world! Terri and Todd quickly learn that working at Reptile Gardens is hard work, and not all glamorous!

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Special thanks to:
Kathy Maguire
Terry Phillip
Reptile Gardens
Johnny B

A note on this episode from Terri and Todd:

Its no secret to anyone who know us, or has watched the show, that reptiles are some of our best friends....so it should come as no surprise that one of our favorite 'hang outs' is Reptile Gardens. We have made many friends there, all of whom are incredibly tolerant to our crazy ways! Although we have been there dozens of times, we still enjoy going there every time we are in the 'hills', and each time we spend hours oooing and ahhing over the reptiles and chatting with some of the friends we have made there....both the scaly type AND the non-scaly type! It's a great place to not only visit but to learn about reptiles, make friends, AND make some great memories with your family. The first time Terri touched a snake was there at Reptile Gardens...and they have no idea what they started!

Here are some photos of the memories we made at Reptile Gardens!

We aren't really sure what Todd is doing in this photo. Maybe you can help us figure it out?

This is Todd with our friend, Terry Phillip. Todd looks scared, doesn't he?

This is Terri showing off her new crocodilian friend! She is training this little guy to be her new co-host!