Terri and Todd take you on a voyage to Isle Royale National Park via the 'Wenonah' out of Grand Portage, MN. On the way, they pass by the historic Rock Of Ages Lighthouse. Once on the island, they set up camp and set out to explore the flora and fauna of the island and encounter unique wildlife species such as Merganser Ducks, Snowshoe Hares, and get up close to a Moose foraging in Washington Harbor! They also show you the importance of wildlife to an area and what the area would look like if wildlife were not present. Grab your hiking gear and come along with us for the experience of a lifetime!
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Special thanks to Isle Royale Transportation Line, Isle Royale National Park, Liz V, Rydens Border Store, Motel and Restaurant, Crooked Spoon Cafe, South Of The Border Cafe, Blue Water Cafe, Outpost Motel, Don Szczech

A special note on this episode from Terri and Todd:

Our trip to Isle Royale was nothing short of AMAZING. I never dreamed that a place such as this existed on the earth, where the tranquility and peace could be deafening. Sadly we didn't encounter a wolf on the island but we did get to experience moose in the wild for the first time in our lives. We learned that every plant and creature is beautiful and creates a balance in nature. The folks we encountered on the island were all so polite! The shelter we set up camp in was super cool! We chose to arrive at Windigo and set up camp at Washington Creek Campground, which had showers and a store nearby. We would recommend taking someone who has been there before, or is familiar with backwoods camping join you on your journey if it is your first time. The island is big and we took several wrong turns on the trails and got 'turned around' in directions. We enjoyed taking in the sunsets and wildlife, while enjoying making some friends and getting away from the hustle of bustle of every day life. It was empowering and uplifting, and an experience which really 'grounded' us. We highly recommend you put it on your list of places to visit! You will not regret it!

Terri and Todd

Here are a couple of photos from our journey to Isle Royale:

This is Todd getting sick on the boat on the way out to the island. I will hand it to him, the waves were huge! Luckily, the trip back to the mainland was smoother!

This is Terri's take on what it's like to travel around the Midwest with 2 males. Actually this was taken on the boat on the way back to the mainland...so after a few days on the island without a shower....i guess it's to be expected!

Here is us in the morning inside our 'shelter' at Isle Royale. Terri found that the smell of Todd's feet knocked her right out at night and she didn't even notice
how hard the floor was!