The Sand Hills of North Central Nebraska are a unique habitat which makes a perfect home to many unique creatures and various reptiles species. Come along with Todd and Terri as they explore the Sand Hills Region in search of various lizard species and Ornate Box Turtles, but end up finding so much more! Terri experiences first hand how lizards effectively shed their tails as a defense against 'predators', including blond ones!  They also visit Snake Falls where they explore the falls and learn about Cliff Swallows.
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Special thanks to:
Dunes Lodge and Suites, Valentine
Dakota Inn, Winner
Bunkhouse Restaurant, Valentine
Cedar Canyon Steakhouse, Valentine

A note from Terri and Todd about this episode:

The Sandhills Region of Nebraska is an area we have talked about exploring for a couple of years. It's close to home and home to so many unique creatures that were 'new' to us! Many of them are hard to catch though and best left alone. Terri learned the hard way the first day we were in the area....when she experienced first hand how lizards will lose their tails to avoid predators...and blonds! The folks in Valentine, where we stayed, were very friendly and supportive.  The trip was a huge success and we got even MORE than we expected. Including a flat tire! After a small delay we were on our way back to South Dakota. On the trip we were able to find something we had dreamed of finding for a long time....Ornate Box Turtles in their natural habitat in the wild! The Sandhills are a great place to visit and we will definitely return! We would love to go back and film something on the Sandhill Crane Migration!

Terri and Todd

Here are some photos from our journey!

On the way home, we stopped by the casino, and experienced the difference between Nebraska and South Dakota. Quite a difference, huh?

Here is Todd, excited to be back on HIS homeland. Notice the number next to it some kind of 'sign'? I think so.

Here is Terri checking out her catch! Gotta admit, she is quick with a net! And look! It still has it's tail!