Ride along with Terri and Todd as they travel on an old fashioned Wagon Train across the South Dakota prairies, near Faith, SD. On the wagon train they get a taste of life as early settlers experienced it, including creatures they encountered, such as Prairie Dogs, Burrowing Owls, Rattlesnakes, Bull Snakes, Golden Eagles, and something they didn't expect to see...a Black Widow Spider! They discover the history that lies within the prairies, and are reminded of how difficult and different life was back then, and realize how brutal life on the prairie can be. After the wagon train, they travel to North Dakota on a search for Wild Horses!
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Special thanks to:
Levi, Marcia, Gordy, Terry and Glenda
Branding Iron Motel

A note on this episode from Terri and Todd:

Traveling back in time on a wagon train through South Dakota was an amazing experience! My how times have changed over the years. When we had the idea to create this episode, our thoughts were that children today have SUCH a different life than we had when we were growing up. We lived on farms and were forced to be in touch with nature. It is so important that we do our part in keeping kids in touch with the outdoors.

All the folks on the wagon train were wonderful. We made a lot of friends! The experience of going back in time and living like the pioneers is one that we won't soon forget.

Terri and Todd

Here are some photos we took during our time on the wagon train:

Todd enjoyed driving the mule. A lot more than Terri enjoyed riding on it!

These are some of our friends we made on the wagon train!
Never in a million years did Terri picture herself in a school bus full of cowboys(and a couple of cowgirls!), cruising down the middle of a South Dakota prairie! Good times!!

See that little daisy on the wagon wheel? Terri got it from a handsome adoring fan that she met on a wagon train. Even if he was 35 years younger than her,
Terri was charmed and fell in love instantly with her admirer!