Bears. bears, everywhere! Experience what it would be like to walk amongst Black Bears in the wild, as Terri and Todd have the unique opportunity to do, when they visit the Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary near Orr, MN. They discuss the habitat, diet and some fascinating facts about Black Bears as well as give some pointers on 'Bear Safety'. They discover the sanctuary is not just a place for bears, and that many other animals, enjoy coming to the sanctuary....a 'magic circle' in the heart of Minnesota's North Woods!
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Special thanks to:
Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary
American Bear Association
Dennis Udovich
Rhonda Schroeder
Udovich Guide Service
for making this episode possible!

A personal note from Terri and Todd about this episode:

Who doesn't dream of walking with bears? As scary as it sounds, we learned that bears are gentle yet powerful creatures that deserve our respect. It was our first time seeing black bears in the wild. The Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary is an amazing place, a place where we were able to have the chance of a lifetime...a place to watch bear interact with other bears, and do things that wild bears naturally do. We can't wait to go back and we hope that if you get a chance in your lifetime, you HAVE to go there and check it out!

Terri and Todd

Here are a couple of photos from our filming experience!

This is Tom with Dennis Udovich.Look how close they were to that bear!

So apparently the thing for towns 'up north' to do, is put a big fish on their community's welcome sign.  It was raining out so we took this out the window, and didn't let
Tom out to ride on it!