Welcome to the home of Emmy-Nominated Television Series 'Nature Adventures With Terri And Todd', an educational and entertaining series which showcases the beauty & wonder of the outdoors!
Terri Lawrenz and Todd Magnuson are your hosts! Ashley Lawrenz is our young guest star. All three are born and raised in the rural Midwest. Nature Adventures is the combined result of their greatest passions in life....their love for children, animals and the great outdoors.

Nature Adventures is an E/I-rated television program, which also offers in-person appearances, educational video modules in cooperation with South Dakota Public Broadcasting, and miscellaneous educational resources.

Nature Adventures is independently produced
. The premise of the series is to emphasize the joys of the outdoor world, in a fun and light-hearted manner, in an effort to bring today's youth back in touch with nature.

In a society where people are consumed by the stresses of every day life, We encourage kids to be themselves, make the most of every moment they're given, and to have fun in whatever they're doing. We want to reunite families, bring them together, and ensure that our future generations learn, understand and most of all, appreciate, the value of nature.

Stations wishing to inquire about acquiring Nature Adventures for broadcast, please email us at info@natureadventuresonline.org or visit our distribution page. Viewers are encouraged to contact their local stations and request they air Nature Adventures.

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